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Diverse creative skills + specialised marketing/IT knowledge + forward-thinking mindset = Bridge Solutions.
The benefits

Why Choose
Bridge Solutions?

Our team consists of AI specialists with extensive experience in deploying ChatGPT for diverse business applications – combined with marketing strategists who understand your (human) business needs.

We tailor ChatGPT models to address your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and integration with existing systems.

We are committed to ongoing refinement and optimization, harnessing feedback and data to enhance the effectiveness of ChatGPT-based solutions over time.

From implementation to maintenance, our dedicated support team is here to assist you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless experience and maximum value from ChatGPT integration.

Our team

Meet our Team

A team of dedicated professionals, all bringing their own expertise, to help your business be ahead of the changes that are happening in this world.

Arjen van Leeuwen

Functional AI Specialist
In addition to being a pro in both coded and non-coded websites, Arjen has a deep interest in learning about technological developments. His understanding of both the opportunities and risks of AI, combined with a passion for helping business owners work more efficiently, enables him to optimize your company’s workflow – without losing sight of privacy, quality and ethical issues.

Daphne Striekwold

AI Marketeer
Bringing a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business, a Master’s Degree in Marketing Management, and over 5 years of Copywriting experience – from established multinationals to innovative start-ups – Daphne knows how to combine theory with practice. With the recent AI breakthroughs, she believes Marketeers should work with technology, not against it.

Kelvin van der Tuin

AI Content Creator
Kelvin is always one step ahead of the trends. While most people were still figuring out how to use ChatGPT, he was already using various AI tools to optimize his content creation process for photo and video. He values technological connections, but also human connections: he has a talent for bringing the right people together.

Matthijs Hendriks

Technical Advisor
With his medical background, over 10 years of experience in MedTech and after founding multiple start-ups, Matthijs is an expert in making AI understandable and applicable for the health tech industry. As the technician behind our Vyple Bot, he is here to advise us behind the scenes.

Victor Evink

Futures scenarios strategist
Educated as an historian of science, technology and society (STS) and active as an interdisciplinary futures studies researcher since 2019, Victor has a sharp eye for sensemaking around the ongoing plethora of innovations and microtrends in the context of broader, longer term future visions. Focusing especially on the future of work and neurodiversity in the workplace, he is passionate to creatively advice businesses not just about automation, but about redesigning work in a more meaningful and fulfilling way.

Are you ready?

Transform your business operations with our AI-powered solutions. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you unlock new levels of efficiency and innovation.
Work smarter, improve efficiency.

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